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Discussing the problems with rivers and roads

Together with representatives of the perfecture and the municipality the people of Innachorie discussed how to clear the rivers and roads in Innachorio, this morning in Elos. Decided was to focus on the main rivers and the roads that lead to Elafonisi and after that a small group left to inspect the problems.

In the picture: the Deputy Governor of Crete Mr. Voulgarakis, the Mayor of Kissamos Mr. Stathakis, Stelios Petrakis contractor who has taken over this part, Giorgos Makrakis candidate, Kyritzakis Nicolaos contender local Elos, Mandakis K, Kastrinakis local Kefalou, Kordakis local Vlatous, Papadakis Zach. , Perivoli and prefecture Vasilis local Elos.


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