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Explore life in Western Crete – Kissamos – Elafonisi

Pantelis Vaidakis

At the kazani

Vlatos, November 12th, 2019 – The best time of the year is always when we still tsikoudia six weeks after making the wine. Here you can taste real life on Crete. Really worth a visit when you are around.

Agio Panteleimonas

Vlatos, 27th July 2019 – Today the whole of Greece celebrates the Saint Panteleimon. In the morning Vlatos celebrated at the small church build in his name near the old platoon tree. Here are some pictures.

Jorgos Makrakis elected in the Kissamos city council

Vlatos, 29th May 2019 – Counting all the votes from the election last Sunday resulted in a new composition of the Council of Kissamos. The new mayor will be Mr. Mylonakis. The current mayor Mr. Stathakis will take place in…

Election day (x4)

Vlatos, May 26th – Today the Greeks vote in 4 different elections, for Europe, for Crete, for Kissamos and for the village, Vlatos. A lot of ballots make the voting process quite slow, but steady goes it. May the best…

Clearing the roads for the summer

Slowly, slowly the weather took a turn for the better in Innachorio. And the tavernas and hotels are preparing for the tourist season. But still many roads are blocked by landslides or have been washed away by the torrestial rainfall…

Building bridges (part3)

After placing concrete pipes on Monday and clearing the road on Tuesday, today was the day for pouring concrete; 10m3 of it. With the help op Jorgos Makrakis, Pantelis Vaidakis and Afrim Gjonaj the job was done in a couple…

Buidling​ bridges (part1)

On Monday morning the restoration of the bridge to Akisarolakkos started with making the river deeper so big concrete tubes could be laid. The restoration of the bridge and the repairs of the road can be realised with generous help…

Thoughts from the kazani

It is October and Inaxorio prepares the tsikoudia. This happens in a kazani, a special place to still the alcohol and have a good time with good friends.

Taste Inaxorio’s delicatessen at the Mili Station

You can find the most delicious delicatessen on Western Crete in Pandelis’ Shop in Miloi. Johanna, Pantelis’ wife cooks the declicious alcoholic and non alcoholic local drinks and prepares great olives in olive oil. In October Pantelis runs one of…