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Topolia tunnel is open again

Following the devastating rains of last week, the tunnel of Topolia is accessible again for most traffic. Local government is repairing the damage.

Drone footage of the Topolia tunnel

See both sides of the tunnel in this nice footage made by a drone at the Topolia tunnel, the entrance and exit of Inaxorio. The music may be a bit over the top for some of our readers.

One week in Crete, a travel story by Ana Ro

One week in Crete: Top 7 Places to see OR “Good road, asphalt” Nice write-up, have a look (and, yes, Inaxorio roads are challenging)

The Topolia Gorge

Back in the days one of the few entrances to Inaxorio was by going through the Topolia gorge. Today you can hike from Topolia to Katsamatadous in about one hour and have a refreshing drink on both sides of the…