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History of Vlatos

The village of Vlatos was at peak of its power around the Venetian occupation and from the presence of the Holy Spirit and St. John churches one assumes that the village also existed at the end Byzantine period as well. The village used to be private property of the famous De Minotto family, a venetian family, where they built their three-storeyed house, the Arhontika Houses, which used to host Turkish officers as well during the Turkish occupation and can be seen nowadays. This Arhontika House is considered to be one of the samples of the Venetian architecture in Crete.

Vlatos’ Quarters

Vlatos village consists of many quarters, Bertiana, Korakiana, Koutsounara, Arhontika etc which maintain the original cretan style. There are some very nice trekking paths around and in the forest of “Peace” which has been characterized as a natural park.Near by is the “Park of Peace” that was founded in 1970 by the Cultural Association of Vlatos with the cooparation of Goethe Institute and the support of the Bavarian Department of Forests. It is an experimental park with 150 species of plants, covers an area of 1,000,000 sq.m. and is part of an extended area of 20 sq.km. which have been reforested.

Milia Mountain Retreat

Vlatos is the place that the famous eco traveller’s settlement of Milia is located . Ecotourism, agrotourism, ecology, the “great outdoors” and respect to humanity and its needs: simplicity, harmony, clean air, warm hospitality, relaxed atmosphere, home-cooking. This is what you will find in Milia, a small forgotten corner in Western Crete. Milia is an authentic 17th century mountain settlement which has been transformed into and eco-friendly tourist complex; it seems to have sprouted from the lands of Crete. A glorious location boasting exceptional rugged beauty in the area of Kissamos. Placed among plane trees, chestnut trees, and mountain tops reaching the skies, the area overwhelms visitors with its unique diversity.Milia is open all year round.

For more information about Vlatos (in Greek) go to www.vlatos.gr

Kazani Masters 2019

Vlatos, November 15th, 2019 – This is the time for making tsikoudia in Innachorio. Tsikoudia is only made in the Chania region of Crete. Tsikoudia is made from the Romaiko grapes, approximately 40 days after the wine was made, in…

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At the kazani

Vlatos, November 12th, 2019 – The best time of the year is always when we still tsikoudia six weeks after making the wine. Here you can taste real life on Crete. Really worth a visit when you are around.

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Celebration of Theodokos in Vlatos

Vlatos, September 8th, 2019 – Last Sunday the village of Vlatos celebrated Theodokos, the protector of the main church. Around 200 people attended mass and had a meal together on a beautiful September morning. Here are some pictures of this…

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Drink your coffee in Vlatos’ caféneon

On the road to Milia you will find the Vlatos caféneon which is run by mister Jorgos. Open in the morning and in the afternoon you will find here not only coffee or refreshments but also many products of of…

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Agio Panteleimonas

Vlatos, 27th July 2019 – Today the whole of Greece celebrates the Saint Panteleimon. In the morning Vlatos celebrated at the small church build in his name near the old platoon tree. Here are some pictures.

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Playground part 1

Vlatos, 23rd July, 2019 – Thanks to New Horizons, Vlatos’ cultural society and with the help of Mr Stelios Petrakis, the village soon will have a children’s playground. Set behind the museum, in the shade of old oaks, this playground…

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Working the roads

Vlatos, June 26th, 2019 – Rain is predicted for today, which is very unusual for this time of the year. In Vlatos the prefecture of Crete is still clearing the roads and waterways after this winters’ catastrophe. First the clean-up…

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Agia Triada

Vlatos, June 16th, 2019 – The celebration of the church of Agia Triada in Vlatos. Kneeling 3 times and sardines, cheese and wine as a reward. Χρονα Πολα και το χρονο!

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Jorgos Makrakis elected in the Kissamos city council

Vlatos, 29th May 2019 – Counting all the votes from the election last Sunday resulted in a new composition of the Council of Kissamos. The new mayor will be Mr. Mylonakis. The current mayor Mr. Stathakis will take place in…

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Akisarolakkos gardens

Vlatos, 29th May 2019 – A short walk through an Akisarolakkos garden delivered some nice views worth sharing.

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Election day (x4)

Vlatos, May 26th – Today the Greeks vote in 4 different elections, for Europe, for Crete, for Kissamos and for the village, Vlatos. A lot of ballots make the voting process quite slow, but steady goes it. May the best…

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Agios Konstantinos and Eleni panagyri

Vlatos, 21st May 2019: The celebration of the church of Agios Konstantinos and Eleni. Following an almost destroyed road to the small church in the lower parts of Vlatos, the local people celebrated with a small panagyri.

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Discussing the future of Innachorio

Vlatos, May 19th, 2019: Jorgos Makrakis invited people from all the villages of Innachorio to discuss the future of our beloved area.

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Innachorio elections 2019

Yesterday the mayor of Kastelli toured around Innachorio together with the local candidate Jorgos Makrakis. The visited local cafes in Vlatos, Rogdia, Chrissoskalitissa, Livadia, and Kampos. Here they explained their ideas and answered questions of the locals. The main topic…

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Kastelli mayor vistis​ Vlatos

In the run-up to the elections the mayor of Kastelli, Mr Theodoris Stathakis, visited Vlatos today. He met with the villagers in the beautiful kafeneio to discuss his plans for the coming period and to answer questions posed by concerned…

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Elections 2019: Vote for Jorgos Makrakis!

It is election time in Greece. Apart from the elections for the new EU parliament, local elections in Greece will take place on May 26th. There may not live or reside so many foreigners with a right to vote here…

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Clearing the roads for the summer

Slowly, slowly the weather took a turn for the better in Innachorio. And the tavernas and hotels are preparing for the tourist season. But still many roads are blocked by landslides or have been washed away by the torrestial rainfall…

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The open road

In Vlatos, after the biblical storms of 2019, one house was cut of from civilization, Akisarolakkos. You could read here how that road was restored over the last couple of days. Today it was open and here is a video…

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Building bridges (part3)

After placing concrete pipes on Monday and clearing the road on Tuesday, today was the day for pouring concrete; 10m3 of it. With the help op Jorgos Makrakis, Pantelis Vaidakis and Afrim Gjonaj the job was done in a couple…

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