Experience Real Life in Innachorio

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August festivities in Mili and Elos

Vlatos, August 15th 2019 – August in the month when all Greeks have their summer holidays and most return to their ancestral villages. Many come to Innachorio to celebrate the summer. Last night there were two festivities, one in Elos…

Mili Taverna, genuine Cretan cuisine

Mili June 20th, 2019 – When in Innahorio you must come to Mili Taverna to taste some genuine Cretan food. Classic Cretan dishes are prepared and served with great love. Because the family also owns a goat farm, the meat…

Celebration of the Prophet Elias in Mili

Yesterday Inaxorio celebrated the Holy Elias, a small and beautiful church in Mili. It never stops to surprise how the Cretans can feed so many people in such a remote location; thank you Mixalis! Here are the pictures:

Enjoy the Cretan cuisine at Mili Taverna

Enjoy fresh Cretan food at Mili Taverna. Sit in the shadow of the old platan trees and relax. You will find Mili Taverna here

The Mili petrol station and minimarket

In Mili you will find this Silk petrol station and minimarket. Open from 8 in the morning to 9 in the evening. The minimarket sell everything you really need and the petrol station has a small garage for minor reparations.