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Olive oil

Collecting olives in the hills of Innachorio

Vlatos, November 30th, 2019 – The beginning of the winter is the time for the olive harvest. Olive oil from Crete counts among the best in the world. The olives are harvested with machines or collected in nets after the…

Talking chestnuts in Elos

Elos, July 28th 2019 – Today a meeting took place discussing the cooperation of chestnut farmers. Chaired by Prof. A. Kiritsakis and Mr. X. Anousakis the participants approved financial year 2018 and discussed many other topics. The most interesting was…

Bottle of Olive Oil from Ancient Cretan Trees Sells for €510

The amazing price of 510 euros for a half liter of Greek olive oil captured plenty of attention, but the full story has deeper roots in ancient Greek olive trees. Some of these ancient trees are being preserved and promoted…

The Olive Tree Pharmacy

The Olive Tree Pharmacy & Shop in Elos is the only pharmacy in Inaxorio. Shop here for sunscreen, car sickness tablets and wonderful healthy olive oil based products.

The olive harvest is here

It is that time of the year again. Nets are spread and linked together to catch this years olive harvest from the big trees. Everybody is busy now.

Taste Inaxorio’s delicatessen at the Mili Station

You can find the most delicious delicatessen on Western Crete in Pandelis’ Shop in Miloi. Johanna, Pantelis’ wife cooks the declicious alcoholic and non alcoholic local drinks and prepares great olives in olive oil. In October Pantelis runs one of…

The old Venetian olive oil press in Vlatos

A small pearl is hidden between the olive grove of Vlatos, a Venetian olive oil factory that still has its original details like great arches and the old stone olive press. Well worth taking a look at. This property is…