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Month: March 2018

Vlatos Jazz presents Maria Manousaki

Vlatos is proud to present the world renowned violinist Maria Manousaki who will play three nights in the Old Church of the village.

World Music: Ross Daly and Kelly Thoma in Milia

On the 20th of April, Milia will present a concert of Ross Daly and Kelly Thoma. This is the second year these wonderful artist have chosen this location to enjoy their music. We welcome them! Have a look at this…


After a long period on drought finally we were blessed with some rain. Strange to see rain and Sahara dust in the same week.

Ancient land of olive trees

For over 3000 years the people of Crete have been cultivating olive trees. We like our big old trees. This is a picture of one in Kolymbari.

Residence Permit in Greece: The Golden Visa

Invest €250.000 in a house in Greece and get a renewable 5 years residence permit as long as you hold on to the property. Have a look at the video

Inaxorio: the Movie

Only today I found this wonderful movie about Inaxorio online. It was made in 2005 and tells about the bearded vulture.

Dust storms over Crete

On Thursday Crete was hit by major dust storms coming from Africa.

Walking with group

Today, after a visit to the old school museum in Vlatos, we went for a walk around Milia in two groups; one small walk, one big, and after we ate a nice lunch in the restaurant. Here are some pictures…

Cretan family

Walking around Inaxorio I spotted this family working in the fields.

Fire on the mountain in Strovles

On Saturday a wildfire started on the mountain near Strovles. So far no houses are in danger.

Spring flowers

On a morning walk in March, three weeks before Easter.