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No More Plastic Please

No more plastic! Chrysoskalitista sends melodic, most eco-friendly message this year – The most melodic way was chosen by the people of Kissamos to send one of the most important messages of the time. So “no more plastic” and this year’s…

Maria and Kyriakos

Vlatos, August 12th, 2019 – Last night the audience at Vlatos Jazz was presented with a wonderful bonus. Maria Manousaki joined Kyriakos Stavrianoudakis and together they played a composition of her last album.

The voice of Crete

Vlatos, August 11th 2019 – Cretan music filled the summer night of Vlatos last night, leaving the audience mesmerised with the beautiful lute play and songs by Kyriakos Stavrianoudakis. His voice, strong and emotional, brought people to sing along and…

Oscar Antoli Trio at Vlatos Jazz

Vlatos August 4th, 2019 – Two mMn from Spain and one from Crete. Together they presented an immersive experience in mediterranean music for a captivated crowd at Vlatos Jazz. Baritone clarinet, bass guitar and percussion, a perfect combination.

Music, souvlaki and good company

Elos, 31st of July 2019 – Elos celebrated its yearly panagyri on the playground of the school with great music, tasty souvlaki, a lot of beer and good company. Here are some pictures.

Hot Club de Grece

Vlatos, July 28th, 2019 – Hot Club de Grece (Yiannis Loukatos, Adonis Arfanis, Jorgos Roulos) is a very hot club. The golden sounds of a jazz guitar accompanied by a classic guitar and a contrabass filled the room at Vlatos…

Agio Panteleimonas

Vlatos, 27th July 2019 – Today the whole of Greece celebrates the Saint Panteleimon. In the morning Vlatos celebrated at the small church build in his name near the old platoon tree. Here are some pictures.

Hellenic sounds

Vlatos, 22nd of July, 2019 – Last night Vlatos Jazz welcomed Maria Louka (percussion), Jorgos Zacharioudakis (wind, piano) and Kostas Kiritsakis (lyra, lute) to the stage. They took the audience on a trip through Greece with their wonderful performance. Of…

Cretan wedding revival

Kissamos, 21st July 2019 – On August 7th you are able to witness the Cretan Wedding Revival, a yearly spectacle in Kastelli. It shows you a classic Cretan wedding around the centre of the old town, where the groom collects…

Giortes Rokkas

In this seventh year of Giortes Rokkas, the sound of the villages and the motion of their people are the mainstay. The visitors-viewers form their path within the villages, listening to stories, songs and music, voices and whispers that lead…

In a sentimental mood

Vlatos, July 14th, 2019 – Golden sounds of a vibraphone floated around Vlatos last night when Christos Rafalides presented his music in museum Vlatos Kissamos. His concert turned into a masterclass while he explained his instrument and the music he…

Piano from heaven

Vlatos, July 7th, 2019 – Marius van den Brink is a Dutchman traveling the globe with his talent. He performed a most heavenly solo piano concert last night at Vlatos Jazz. Playing classic jazz as well as his own, and…

Touched by South America

Vlatos, June 30th, 2019 – Last night Vlatos Jazz presented Jacinta Clusellas and Alesio Romano. We were presented by Jacintas‘ own compositions, most of those based on South American poetry. Truly a holiday for the soul.

Delightfully different, Ioanna Tsagkari

Vlatos, June 23rd, 2019 – Something else, Ioanna Tsagkari, a delightfully different performer at Vlatos Jazz last Sunday night. Ioanna presented ethnic jazz with a touch of Balkan and Greek tones while moving through the venue like she owned the…

Vlatos Jazz on Youtube

Vlatos Jazz has now a 2019 playlist on Youtube. Check it out!

Apostolis Levendopoulos and Maria Manousaki at Vlatos Jazz

Vlatos, June 16th, 2019 – Under a full moon with Jupiter passing close by, guitarist Apostolis Levendopoulos and violinist Maria Manousaki played jazz and gypsy swing at Vlatos Jazz. Here are some pictures.

Agia Triada

Vlatos, June 16th, 2019 – The celebration of the church of Agia Triada in Vlatos. Kneeling 3 times and sardines, cheese and wine as a reward. Χρονα Πολα και το χρονο!

Truly Cretan – Polichronakis and Fragkioudakis on Vlatos Jazz

Vlatos, June 9th, 2019 – Never did we hear such powerful Cretan songs as last night at Vlatos Jazz. Michalis Polichronakis sang with such dedication and heart, he touched everyone in the audience. On the laouto, he was accompanied by…

Yiannis Kassetas at Vlatos Jazz

Vlatos June 2nd 2019 – On Sunday Vlatos Jazz presented Yiannis Kassetas, a fabulously talented saxophone player who played with Kostadinos Stouraitis on guitar. They played a mix of classic jazz tunes and their own compositions. This combo made the…