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No More Plastic Please

No more plastic! Chrysoskalitista sends melodic, most eco-friendly message this year – The most melodic way was chosen by the people of Kissamos to send one of the most important messages of the time.

So “no more plastic” and this year’s concert in Chrysoskalitissa, in addition to a musical and cultural event for the wider region, also becomes the venue for an excellent environmental message, aimed at those who came up with the idea … to travel everywhere.

The appointment is closed for next Saturday at Chrysoskalitissa, starring Antonis and Nikos Xylouris.

But the big protagonist will be the environment itself, as the organizers – the Plokamians Cultural Cultural Association, One Action Grammar and Kissamos Municipality – have decided that beyond entertainment and fun, so must the focus, So they decided not to use plastic at their event!

Think of it as a first start, an event where plastic will be missing and replaced by other – environmentally friendly – materials. Hope everyone, like Chrysoskalitas, will soon find several imitators.


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