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Crete’s Half Marathon 2018 promo video

The Crete Half Marathon returns for another year and, once again, organizers created a delightful promotional video that is as much fun as a trip to the great island.

This time Cretan music legend Psarantonis is featured in the video that is full of the beautiful landscapes of southern Crete and the hinterland of the prefecture of Heraklion,  highlighting Cretan hospitality through hilarious quirks and subversive humor.

The video clip for the Crete Half Marathon 2018 features a German tourist who admires Crete’s natural beauty.

In the imaginative plot, traditional Cretans “save” the German tourist from the clifftop and offer him the unparalleled Cretan hospitality, showing him their rich culture, mouth-watering cuisine, music and dance.

This year’s half marathon will take place on Sunday, Oct. 7, at Arkalochori, Heraklion, and is expected to attract thousands of athletes who really enjoy the beautiful route through olive groves, vineyards and picturesque villages, but also participate in the original feast set up right after the award.

Source Greekreporter


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