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Explore life in Western Crete – Kissamos – Elafonisi

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Explore Inaxorio with Maps 3D application

Maps 3D is Your New Outdoor Companion For Inaxorio

Maps 3D turns your iPhone into a fully-fledged GPS device with 3D maps for all your outdoor activities. As maps are displayed in 3D, it makes it easier for you to orient yourself in unfamiliar terrain as the map shows you a realistic representation of your surroundings.
Whether you’re thinking about trekking, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, cycling, running or climbing, Maps 3D lets you plan your weekend and vacation trips – plus you can also record and save them for future use together with statistical information.
And if you ever find yourself not being able to decide on a trip, Maps 3D, in combination with the largest trip portals, helps you discover exciting trips taken by other outdoor fans.

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