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Feeding with vultures (2)

Jorgos Makrakis regularly feeds the bearded vultures who are unique to Inaxorio and on the list of endangered species of WWF. Spectacular!

For the event see here: https://www.inaxorio.com/?event=watch-the-feeding-of-the-bearded-vultures

The bearded vulture

Bearded vultures were once found in almost all mountain ranges of southern Europe and the Alps.
Probably no other raptor has made such a deep impression on people, as evidenced by the numerous fables and legends concerning it.

See for more information the World Wildlife Fund.

About 40 of these magnificent birds live in Inaxorio! They hunt always in pairs, mostly in the early morning and late afternoon. Jorgos Makrakis started helping them about 10 years ago when there were only 3 pairs left. His work has been a tremendous success and you can see him feed the animals in the almost once per week, see the Event Calendar.


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