Experience Real Life in Innachorio

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olive tree

Collecting olives in the hills of Innachorio

Vlatos, November 30th, 2019 – The beginning of the winter is the time for the olive harvest. Olive oil from Crete counts among the best in the world. The olives are harvested with machines or collected in nets after the…

Ancient land of olive trees

For over 3000 years the people of Crete have been cultivating olive trees. We like our big old trees. This is a picture of one in Kolymbari.

The olive harvest is here

It is that time of the year again. Nets are spread and linked together to catch this years olive harvest from the big trees. Everybody is busy now.

Thousands of years old olive tree in Plokamiana

Recently the people of Plokamiana rediscovered an enormous big and old olive tree. They cleaned the area and made a walking path towards this wonder of nature that measures 17,5m at its base . If you are in the neighbourhood…