Experience Real Life in Innachorio

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Restoration of the roads at Perivolia

Important and essential is the effort to restore the damaged stone protectors in the provincial road network of Kamenos Seli-Christoskalitissa at the height of Perivolia. The work respects our history and culture.Adapted to the local architecture which combines with the…

Discussing the problems with rivers and roads

Together with representatives of the perfecture and the municipality the people of Innachorie discussed how to clear the rivers and roads in Innachorio, this morning in Elos. Decided was to focus on the main rivers and the roads that lead…

Road to Elafonisi is open again

After a lot of hard work on the new road from Topolia to Katsamatodos the road to Elafonisi is open again for cars. Come and swim in pristine waters and relax on the pink beaches!