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Fundraising 2017

Inaxorio supports the restoration of the library, the museum and the old church of Vlatos.

In the upper parts of the village of Vlatos you will find the old school at the bottom of the stairs leading up to an old Byzantine church. Between old olive trees and chestnut, build long ago on extended terraces. The school and the annex were recently restored with the help of council of nearby Kastelli. It is the intention of the people of Vlatos to use the old school as a library and museum of the life in the village over the past centuries. And for this they need your help.

In the old buildings were found many antique items related to life long gone by. Looms, agricultural tools, books, maps, furniture and vases are waiting to be restored and put up for show so you can learn about the life of the mountain village as it was in the 19th and 20th century. The old church is to perform as a centre of cultural and educational activity for workshops and seminars. To do this we need your support.

You can help put the library and the museum back to its former glory by donating to the Syllogos of Vlatos (the foundation of the village people) so that they can start this good works. The goal is to raise €5.000. If you like to donate please contact palikari (@) westcretan (dot) com for more information. In return your name immortalised on the honorary placate which will be hung at the entrance of the museum. We hope you will come to enjoy our works during your next visit to Vlatos and Inaxorio.

Inaxorio.com will publish the progress of this great work as it progresses on the website.


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